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Arcade, 1 giocatore, Shoot 'Em Up, Acquisto di potenziatori, Palla, Serie, Cannoni, Rimbalzi, Android, HTML5, Gratis, Cellulare, Touchscreen, Adrenalina, Neon | Data Aggiunta 14 Oct 2019
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Neon Blaster is back! Faster, harder and even more fun than the first one! Destroy everything in your way, upgrade your cannon and rule the world !

Neon Blaster 2 is an extraordinary, action packed arcade shooter where you need to eliminate all the spiked bombs falling from the top of the screen. If any of the bombs touches you, then you will die and you will have to start again.
The game has multiple levels, and in order to reach the next level you will need to eliminate all the attacking bombs without dying. There are multiple characters to chose from, and you will be able to unlock them the more you play. You also have a pet that you can use to eliminate enemies and you can upgrade him with points acquired as you play.
Every level is becoming more and more intense, and you can also unlock new features as you play to make the experience a lot more immersive and interesting. If you love action-packed, fun arcade and action games with lots of challenging moments, Neon Blaster 2 is the right pick for you.
Immerse yourself into the ultimate skill game where you have to use all your wits and skills to reach the next level. Test yourself, how far will you be able to go?

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