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Arcade, Multigiocatore, Serpente, Android, HTML5, Cellulare, iPhone, iPad, Touchscreen | Data Aggiunta 16 Dec 2020
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Cute gluttonous Snakes take part in a merciless battle to become the greatest of all in the game
Collect colored orbs to increase your size and your score and try to intercept other players to make them collide against you; this will wreck them and then you can collect all the material they left behind.
Be careful, the head-to-head shocks of two snakes will promptly destroy both players! The particularity of is you can speed up, but even though this unique ability will not penalize you very much, it will cause you lose your size very slowly. It's therefore possible to opt for a remarkably fast movement strategy to gain advantage over other players and surprise them.
Genuinely try surviving long enough to dominate your game and thus move up through the ranks of the leaderboard until you take the first place.

Have fun playing with real players around the world in the dynamic multiplayer snake game at

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